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by | Nov 13, 2016 | Politics

Most of you probably already know that I am truly thrilled to see Donald Trump elected to be our next president. I haven’t said a lot about the election this go around. I only made one post, and that was only in defense of our innocent pre-born babies that are murdered every year in this country.

In 2012, Donald Trump said he was considering a run, but in the end decided not. I must confess, this is where I first thought about Donald Trump as president. Little did I know however, that the idea of a Trump Presidency has been proposed to him in interviews numerous times for the last 36 odd years.

The division I have seen among us as Americans, just blows my mind. People I know, that I have known for years, voted for Hillary. But as I look at the world around us. Pop culture, the media, Hollywood, movies, TV shows…I certainly understand why..

All of these “information outlets” perpetuates the socialistic, progressive, left point of view… Everything that our people pay attention to on a daily basis, plays the same message. It’s a message that says abortion is okay, gay people should be allowed to get married, sex outside of marriage is perfectly fine. There are many more, but these 3 examples alone should make my point. This is what people see when they “tune in” to the world. Our youth grows up in this and, so naturally when they hear people like Hillary Clinton support these concepts, they naturally believe that it’s the right thing to do to support her.

In 1901, we actually had a Socialist Party of America, and up until 1953, there were actually socialist candidates for president. Eventually the socialist movement seemed to die down and the party itself went through many changes. But what most people don’t realize, is the socialist movement is still very, very strong, it simply stepped into the shoes of the Democratic Party, and since most people just don’t pay attention, they now have a very strong foothold on American, and have “made so much progress” according to Hillary Clinton.

The TRUTH is very simple. The socialist way of seeing the world has infiltrated Hollywood, our news organizations, and the Democratic Party. What they don’t realize is that the socialist way of thinking is what America was escaping FROM when it was formed! America was founded on freedom, as a direct opposite of socialism. When our country was formed and the Constitution signed, it gave us all the things necessary to live free, and also gave plenty of warning as to what would happen if the government got too big, and socialism took root. There are numerous writings by George Washington and Thomas Jefferson about these very things. People who voted for Hillary Clinton are so, so very confused. To my friends who did so, please, please… Study history. Study what socialism is, so you can really see what’s going on.

The following video is a very good place to start. It is from October 27, 1964. As many of you know, Ronald Reagan was an actor before he was president of the United States. As an actor, he eventually became president of the Screen Actors Guild, and in that role, he combated the socialist/communist movement that was creeping into Hollywood in the early 50s. By 1964, Ronald Reagan was backing presidential nominee Barry Goldwater. In this video, “A Time for Choosing”, Ronald Reagan goes through many scenarios of why it was so important to keep socialism out of this country. As I said, this video is a great place to start learning why people like Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton should NEVER be in positions of authority. The socialistic way of thinking would eventually destroy this country, and everything it was founded upon.

As you watch this video, you will notice that even though it’s 52 years ago, the SAME issues that were discussed then are still being discussed today.

Enjoy, God bless.

"A Time for Choosing" by Ronald Reagan
Published at 2009, April 03
"The Speech" is what Ronald Reagan called it. Today we call it, "A Time for Choosing," and it was a
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